Daily Prompt: A Friend in Need | An Angel Placed in My Life

Finish this sentence: “My closest friend is…”

My closet friend is my secondary school classmate. Due to some administrative errors when I first got accepted into my Secondary school, I was the only non-higher-mother-tongue student in my Sec 1 class. Higher Mother Tongue is our native language (chinese, in my case), but more difficult than normal mother tongue lessons. So in my first year, I spent and made friends from the higher-mother-tongue class.

In second year, they decided to right the mistake, and transferred me to another class. I was thrown into a new environment, where everyone had their own friends (known each other for a year already), and I had nobody. At that time, students who sat further away from the whiteboard was deemed ‘cooler’, and the only empty seat left was the one right in front. With trepidation, I sat down. And next to me, was W.

W sat in front because nobody wanted to sit with her. She was weird. You know how in a class there’s always someone who is not very well-liked by everyone for some reason? W was the one, and she didn’t care. She’s very creative and artistic, and she lived in her own world. She believed in fairies and tree spirits (still do, actually). She talked to plants and says she can see spirits. Hmm Obviously she only mentioned her abilities to me after we become friends.

I enjoyed her company very much. No doubt, she was weird, but she was also very imaginative, and being with her opened my eyes to things that I have never noticed or known before. She has such a pure heart, she didn’t judge me, she didn’t ostracise me just because I was new or poor in an affluent school.

That was 11 years ago. :) Today, we are still close friends and meet up despite our busy working schedules. I can tell her anything, even my deepest and darkest secrets, and she wouldn’t judge. She wouldn’t judge. She would offer her advice, encourage me and really, just listen.

We’ve travelled to Malaysia together, we’ve stayed in hostel as roommates in the first year of University. Those days were the best days of my life. I remember there was once we were invited to drink at a pub after a dance session. She was new to drinking, and that was her first time at a pub. I didn’t want to go, as I know what it’s like. She told me she would like to go, and asked me to go, so that I could take care of her and make sure that she wouldn’t get too drunk. Instantly I was overwhelmed with a sense of protectiveness, that I need to look after her as my own younger sister (her birthday’s just a few weeks after mine). So I went with her, and made sure that she didn’t drink that much. :) I remember her thanking me after that for looking after her, and my heart was filled with warmth.

Now, we have switched roles. She’s has blossomed into a knowledgeable woman, and seen the world more than me. I love listening to her stories because she ‘s now a very cool film producer/editor, who has done films that involved topics like sexuality, rape, anyway, topics that are sensitive. So I guess in a way, her line of work has made her into a very open-minded and daring person. But she’s essentially still the same girl I knew 11 years ago.

I love her to bits. She’s an angel placed in my life, and I thank the heavens for that. I know that she will never desert me, and never judge me. And vice versa. Through life, we’ve been through ups and downs, but the bond we share till this day is the most precious thing to me.

We all need a friend like that. They are really rare, and when you find one, treasure them. <3

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