Daily Prompt: Life After Blogs | Life Before Blogs

Your life without a computer: what does it look like?

This post should be titled Life Before Blogs instead of Life After Blogs! Have we forgotten that it was just less than 10 years ago that computers started to creep into our homes and take center stage on home entertainment? Before that, we had the TV and radio! Now that the Internet and blogging has become an essential part of our lives, it is almost impossible to imagine life without it.

But life without a computer and blogging, would be very boring. And really, Wiki is not going to be there to help when I want to know more about something. I would actually go out more often, meet up with friends, hang out, because Facebook isn’t there to catch up/chat with each other.

I might read more books (not that I don’t read now, but now I read blogs more than books), and perhaps finally touch that whole set of encyclopedia collecting dust on my shelf.

I don’t like to imagine how life would be like if something I value a lot to be taken away from me. Perhaps a lot more time would be freed up for real life activities, but then I’m really too much of an Internet addict to say that I will enjoy life without a computer. I see Internet as a tool of connectivity between people. There are pros and cons and if properly thought out, this can be an essay on how Internet has impacted our lives.

For one, I would never know how other countries look like if not for all the travels blogs. I would not know what this particular restaurant sells or read how it tastes like if there weren’t food blogs, and then make a mental note to try it on another occasion. I would get lost a lot more because Google Map doesn’t exist.

But I know that I’ll definitely want less. I would not be tempted by all the fashion/shopping sites, I would not be craving an item a particular cool blogger has. I would not be upset with not having something that I saw off the Internet. I would actually be more content with life.

But I’d still prefer my computer and blog anytime. =P

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