Daily Prompt: State of Your Year | Turbulent

Write up a mid-year “State of My Year” post.

This topic prompt is so apt right now, as I just had a reality check this afternoon after a meeting with W (read more about W).

My year hasn’t been all of smooth, transition is always turbulent and I’m in the midst of transiting from college to the working world. Do you remember how it was like for you? Did you have a smooth transition?

For me, it’s like being thrown into the world where it’s so much bigger than me and I feel smaller than ever. I question myself, am I ready? But I guess nobody ever asked themselves if they were ready to grow up; they just did. The comfortable and safe days of just studying and going for exams have passed, and now it’s gonna a fight every day.

However, seeing some friends doing well right after graduation makes me feel assured that things might not be that bad after all, and that I’m just over-anxious. Some are like me, lost and still swimming in the murky waters of self-doubt. A part of me is so afraid to step out… the other part of me wants to break out.

But one thing for sure is, I will just have to do it. Otherwise I will not grow, I will not improve, and I will not upgrade. And the last thing I want for myself is to regress.. I deserve more than I have now, and I am capable of more than what I am now. I know it deep within me. I can do it.

Wish me luck!

Signing off,


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